Direct Line: (267) 563-8738

Finn Siepser, MA, MFA is a graduate level clinical intern at Bucks LGBTQ Center, working with and supervised by Dr. Kayti Protos, LCSW. Finn is in their third and final year of the Counseling and Human Services program at Lehigh University. They also earned an M.A. in printmaking and M.F.A. in book arts from the University of Alabama and a B.A. from Reed College. They are a member of two research labs, one that researches interracial interractions in virtual reality and another focusing on gender-based violence, especially for 2sLGBTQIA+ individuals and communities.

Finn’s therapeutic style is grounded in authenticity. They believe strongly in tailoring the therapeutic approach to the individual client and their needs and desires. Finn’s perspective includes an awareness of power dynamics, the impact of systems and culture on an individual, and trauma-informed care. Following a Health at Every Size (HAES) model, they seek to help clients heal the relationship between eating and their bodies. Finn is engaged with the fat activist community and includes a focus on empowerment and advocacy for clients as needed.

As someone with disabilities, Finn has a special interest in working with people with disabilities. Since they have multiple marginalized identities, Finn appreciates working with clients who are working through identity-related issues and navigating systemic injustice. Additionally, Finn is a proud plant-parent, has a service dog named after X-men and D&D characters, and values both informality and goofiness.