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17 Barclay Street, Building B3, Newtown PA 18940
Buckingham Green, 4936 York Road, Suite 2300, Buckingham, PA 18902
(215) 260-7570

Picture of David Yovino, MSW, LCSW

David Yovino, MSW, LCSW


David A. Yovino, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Pennsylvania. David came to work at Buck’s Support Services following extensive work with a variety of populations. David’s clinical experiences range from work with Pre-K folks who were unfairly exposed to hardship, trauma, and abuse, to adolescents living in a therapeutic residential treatment facility, to working with adults struggling with substance use, eating disorders, and other co-occurring disorders. He holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Fairfield University in Connecticut and a Master’s in Social Work from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

David’s approach as a therapist is both trauma-informed and person centered. Melding a diverse range of therapeutic approaches, David strives to meet each and every client where they are, making use of a modality that fits each individual’s goals and directives. David operates from the framework that no human being be required to navigate the hardships of life alone. Making use of a strength-based approach derived from Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Attachment Theory, David seeks to create a safe and supportive environment for folks that is compassionate, collaborative and gender affirming. His work with eating disorders with all genders is framed in a HAES (Health At Every Size) and body neutral approach where all bodies are honored and appreciated.

David’s most recent body of work comes from his time in a Partial Hospitalization Program, where he worked as both a clinician and case manager, providing a broad spectrum of therapeutic care and community outreach to folks suffering from substance use and co-occurring disorders. This has allowed David to be well-versed in the hardships associated with anxiety, depression, self-harm, disordered eating, LGBTQI+ issues, trauma, and despair. Using a person-centered skill set, David seeks to provide an environment of care that draws from a harm reductionist approach to treating addiction and other compulsive disorders. When working with adolescents and children, David operates from an approach that seeks to collaborate with all willing members of the family in order to aid in the healing process.
David’s experiences with working with addiction, anxiety, OCD, depression, eating disorders, co-dependency, self-harm, LGBTQI+ issues, trauma, and all-around discomfort caused from the human experience make David a therapist that seeks to create safety while promoting collaboration and empowerment of the clients he sees. His empathic approach seeks to honor a person’s individuality in an environment that is free of both fear and judgement; allowing all those who step into his office a safe place to heal.

Getting to Know Dave

While I absolutely love being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the office, I also wanted to leave you all with a better impression for who I am outside of it! First off, I’m a Pennsylvania transplant who grew up on Long Island for the first 26 years of my life. I come from a very large family, where large get togethers around holidays and celebrations are a main stay. While in New York, I spent my teenage years playing soccer and baseball. Since residing in PA, I’ve transformed my desire to be active in sports, into my desire to be active playing golf, skiing and snowboarding, as well as enjoying all of nature’s beauty while hiking trails. As an adult, I’ve become a big fan of hiking and exploring new places, as well as taking any opportunity to hang out down by the water, be it a peaceful river or lake, or sandy beaches near the ocean.
I am also an avid lover of all thing’s food as well as being a person in long term recovery. This combination has taken me to different places around the United States, allowing me to participate in conventions to show support and spread awareness, while also giving me access to enjoy lots of local food hot spots along the way. On top of this, I have a love for all things cinema as I love the way movies are created and made. Similarly, I have been known to spend idle time around the house playing video games and watching TV on popular streaming platforms. Another piece to add is my absolute love for music and live concerts!
Lastly, I can’t forget to tell you about my partner Meg, and the dog parents that we have become thanks to our wonderful Pitbull, Bella. Bella is the biggest travel puppy out there, which has afforded us the opportunity to take her almost everywhere we go! No matter where we go, Bella is always sure to be the star of the show.